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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

The Living with Mysteries: How does men live in the new world?

Akhlaq Akhlaq.

Undoubtedly we live in a new world, that do not experience it the pre_modern our predecessors. The new world takes its rise from mental and philosophical foundation. In other word, based on a new mode of thinking in new philosophy appears a new world against human beings ,that its more obvious cognitivistic characters is the following thing:
10 Sceptical picture from Being and metaphysic and sciences against certain knowledge from them from them.
20 subjectivism thought against Objectivism thought .
30 analytical thinking against speculative knowledge.
4.Practical thinking against theoretical knowledge.
In the last centuries, human find an another viewpoints, changed their minds and so see the world in a different. In light of new viewpoint, alter connection between human and world each other and life, truth, morality, science, knowledge, politic ,culture, economic, law, and etc… find another mean and concept. What is were rule in the old world, become a exception in the new world and vice versa.
Regarding to all of this fundamental changes, the tragic mode of human life remain at now; namely the existence of unhealing suffering that take their rise from life itself. These suffering relate from needs in human being that must taken seriously. They are not part of problems but they are part of mysteries.
Light of the new world can help us to more understanding but do not decrease a thing of tragic suffering of human life by himself. We need to affinity with ourselves instead of external world. This is obtainable from a approach; mystical and risky approach. Among of this way must find a manner for dictation between Mysticism and imaginative invention.
Contemporary human for confrontation with tragic mode of his life needs to return to myths and mysteries so that do not fall into sink of illusion.
This paper explores the fundamental changing in the world human, the tragic mode of human life, approach to mysticism without illusionism.


Akhlaq Akhlaq  (Iran (Islamic Republic of))
Department of philosophy
Imam Khomeini International University

I am born in Afghanistan (Bamian-1976)and live in Iran. I studied Islamic theology and Philosophy ( in B.A.) and Western philosophy ( in M.A.).My research and interesting is in Mysticism and Modern thoughts. I wrote some articles for some international and national scientific conferences. I am concerning with philosophical thoughts as foundations for our world.

  • World of human
  • Tragic mode of human life
  • Mystery
  • Illusion
  • Suffering
  • Philosophy

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)