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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

The Visual Interpretation of Graphic Design History

Wen-Huei Chou.

As the historical character of artefact, graphic design has inherited the influence from many fields. The multiple influences on graphic design have difficulties to show the legibility of their structure on linear linguistic narration. To diagram graphic design history becomes necessary as a way of visualising and reconfiguring the complexity of the development of design history. But there are some dominative perspectives in the existing design history. They excluded the scope of design activity under the idiosyncrasy. This diagrams design will help enhancing the richness, complexity, dimensionality, and clarity of the graphic design history.
This research project seeks to develop series of timelines as an effective visual presentation format for the history of graphic design and reflects the idiosyncrasies of the existing graphic design history. But majority of existing timelines are chronological, and encyclopaedic. This is the challenge to relocate our notion of timeline and expand the capability of graphic design as a way of represent the history of graphic design.


Wen-Huei Chou  (Taiwan)
Overseas Chinese Institute of Technology

1. Lecture, Overseas Chinese Institute of Technology, Taiwan. 2. Candidate, Doctor of Design, Swinburne University of Technology. AU.

  • graphic design history
  • timeline design
  • contextual design
  • visual interpretation

(Virtual Presentation, English)