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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Autopoiesis and Excess: Militancy, Multitude and the Question of the Political

Glyn Daly.

This paper engages with the recent reflection on the concept of autopoiesis and the systems theory of Luhmann. A main contention is that, by basing his theory on a pure logic of difference, Luhmann loses sight of the nature of the political and the very conditions for systemic constitution and failure. What is addressed is precisely that which always escape any system: the dimension of excess. It is in this context that the question of globalisation(s) and - through a critique of Hardt and Negri – the potential for developing a politics of excess is explored.


Glyn Daly  (United Kingdom)
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
University College Northampton

Senior Lecturer in Politcs and Sociology at UCN. Author of Conversations with Zizek, and numerous articles on postmarxism and psychoanalytic theory.

  • Autopoiesis
  • Excess
  • The political
  • Globalisation
  • Multitude
  • Militancy
Person as Subject
  • Luhmann Hardt and Negri

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)