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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

A Cross-Sectional Profile of Students' Learning and Study Strategies at a South African University of Technology

U G Hendrich.

The aim of this research was to obtain insight into previously disadvantaged students' learning and study strategies at a tertiary institution in South Africa. In order to achieve this aim the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory [LASSI], which is grounded in the domain of cognitive psychology, was deployed. The investigation was undertaken at the Vaal University of Technology's Center for Learning Skills. The test sample consisted of 256 students who attended the center during 2000. Descriptive statistics were employed for data analysis. Subsequently, the 10 LASSI scales were categorized according to the categorization of Pintrich and Johnson [1990], i.e. the motivational scales, the self motivational scales and the cognitive scales. From thr results it can be concluded that all three assessed areas presented as weaknesses [i.e. below the 50th percentile]. The weakest results were obtained on the motivational scales. In conclusion, the findings of this study will be discussed with regard to the implications they hold for learning and teaching within the higher education context. The results of a recent predictive study conducted at the same institution will inform the implications. From this last-mentioned study, it can be concluded that motivational variables play a significant contributory role towards academic attainment.


U G Hendrich  (South Africa)
Senior Remedial Counsellor
Counselling and Support
VAAL University of Technology

  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Learning and Study Strategies
  • Tertiary Education
  • Disadvantaged Students

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)