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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Humanity Eroded: A Call For Human Justice

Prof Debora Balatseng.

A cursory look and observation of the nature of human beings around the globe, suggest that whilst some beings display characteristics of what came to be known as evil, others boast unwitting good characters in them. The coinage and acceptance of the principle of justice, therefore, reflect the near balance between these two characters. The one of evil based on power and that of good based on reason.

While in the natural cause of events reason supersedes power, this paper will further illustrate why and how the tenets of reason gave way to those of power, and, how the tenets of humanity including justice have been eroded by the scientific methods of concentrating on "what is" without giving consideration to "what ought to be". The unemotional nature of the sciences has blinded humanity to artificial utility and virtue and has reduced these qualities to illusionary short-term goals of no concern for ultimate goals.

The paper will look at the strain caused by the individual sciences on the cause of humanity to a point where human justice has lost value. It will also make propositions on how human justice can be achieved and used globally to attain the requisite and longed for world peace.


Prof Debora Balatseng  (South Africa)
Faculty of Law
North West University

  • Human Nature
  • Human Justice

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)