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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Preservation of Cultural Property

Sharon N Lorenzo.

Regulations worldwide on the ownership and distribution of art works and cultural property are being reexamined as source nations such as Greece, Italy, Egypt, Iraq, and Mexico find their cultural treasures being looted, stolen, dismantled or sold to foreign collectors , dealers, and museums. Attempts to formulate a system for worldwide cooperation in the return of some items is very timely as the Elgin Marbles are in play with the Olympic Games being held in Athens and the items stolen in Iraq are being repurchased by UNESCO. A world forum such as this conference appears to be a vital time for debate and discussion on the current regulations in place regarding the return of cultural property. As the conference is sited in Italy, it is worth noting that the Italian government is providing excellent leadership with its reforms and cooperation with foreign governments on calls for repatriation.
As a former lawyer and current graduate student in the field of art history, I am in the midst of thesis research on the cultural regulations of Mexico and how its practices are both enhancing and hindering its attempts to preserve its cultural property. I would be delighted to lead a forum discussion of experts or interested scholars as we mutually seek creative solutions to these complex issues of ownership and distribution of cultural property.


Sharon N Lorenzo  (United States)
Graduate Student and PhD Candidate
Latin American Art History

  • Cultural Property

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)