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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Humanities: A Social Form of Knowledge?

Dr Peter Claus.

This paper will draw upon the work of the cultural historian, Raphael Samuel, founding spirit of the internationally renowned History Workshop movement. It will examine his emphasis on the role of subjectivity, imagination, ‘unofficial knowledge’ and memory in the humanities in general and writing and teaching history in particular. This approach gives greater space for forgotten voices, unexplored archives and individual and collective memory than many disciplines within the broad field of the humanities have hitherto been willing to accept. Within this wide cultural framework, I will refer to my own use of major archives, the material artefacts of museums and collections, in teaching non-professionals and school students that, as Samuel argued, should be our first point of address.


Dr Peter Claus  (United Kingdom)
Research Fellow
Raphael Samuel History Centre
Raphael Samuel History Centre, University of East London

Peter Claus has published work on the cultural aspects of the City of London as well as uses of Public History and the archive. He has a particular interest in the conceptual problems of teaching histories of the metropolis to non-professional historians and school students using archives

  • Humanities
  • History
  • Memory
  • Archives
  • Teaching

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