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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

In Search of New Ethical Markers: Levinas and the Judeo-Christian Heritage

Dr Denise Egea-Kuehne.

In the past decades, tradition, in all its aspects, has come under attack, and ideologies have undergone unprecedented upheaval. When ideologies wane, ethico-political theorization regains vigor, and new models of thinking are sought. As a result, in recent years, ethics, morality and politics have been the objects of considerable interest, in all fields. Along with this quest for new ethical markers, a renewed interest in spiritual thought has developed, and religious texts—Christian, Jewish or Islamic—have drawn increasing attention in an attempt to (re)establish a hermeneutic foundation for our culture. Hence today, no serious analysis of contemporary civilization can bypass ethico-political reflection.
In this paper, I focus on Levinas's concepts of ethics and justice in the context of ethico-political issues. I open with a brief recall of how the increased concern with ethics has been seen as a consequence of a loss of axiological markers. This loss is believed to have prompted a resurgence of religious thought, discussed in part two. In the third section, I discuss how Levinas is one of the contemporary thinkers who is considered to have rejuvenated philosophical thinking by going back to the word of the Bible and the texts of the Talmud.


Dr Denise Egea-Kuehne  (United States)
Associate Professor in Education
Department of Curriculum and Instruction College of Education
Louisiana State University

Denise Egéa-Kuehne is associate professor and director of the French Education Project for Research and Teacher Education in the College of Education, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. She has been an Invited Scholar at the Institut National de Recherche Pédagogique, Paris, France. Her research interests center around curriculum theory, philosophy of education, critical theory and cultural studies with a focus on French authors. She lectures and publishes in North America and Europe on issues of diversity, languages, human rights and related ethico-political issues. She published "Derrida & Education," co-edited with Gert Biesta. She is currently working on the texts of Levinas, Serres and Derrida

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