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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

At the Edge of Representation

Dr. Rosa Linda Fregoso, Herman Gray.

This panel addresses the limits of representation and looks to music, media technologies, and performativity as a way of imagining racial and gendered identities differently. We will address the ways in which discourses in the humanities informing our work challenge the borders of the image, representation and experience, reality and artificiality, evidence and truth. The paper by Fregoso examines the relationship between realism, truth and poetics in documentary discourses on gendered and racialized violence on the borderlands. The paper by Gray will explore the encounters between black soundings and new digital technologies within the context of intellectual, cultural, and political discourses that ponder the very meaning of blackness for African Americans.


Dr. Rosa Linda Fregoso  (United States)
Professor and Chair
Latin American/Latino Studies Dept.
University of California-Santa Cruz

Fregoso has a PhD in Comparative Studies from the University of California San Diego. Her books include The Bronze Screen: chicana & Chicano Film Culture (1993); meXicana Encounters: The Making of Social Identities on the Borderlands (2003); Lourdes Portillo: The Devil Never Sleeps and Other Films (2001).

Herman Gray  (United States)

University of California, Santa Cruz

  • Representation
  • Racialized
  • Gendered identities
  • Media technologies

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)