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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Old Forms New Subjects: The Literary Representation of Drugtrafficking Subculture

Maite Villoria Nolla.

The expression coined by Susana Rotker 'Citizenship of Fear' marks the shift from citizen to potential victim whose life is governed by fear. This situation suggests the weaving of new networks of representation in the cultural formation of Latin America and force us to inquire into the nature of the discourse generated by urban violence.

Thererefore, Contemporary Colombian discoursive borders are constantly being re-arranged according to questions of political legitimacy and social violence. In this light, texts such as 'No nacimos pa'semilla' by Alonso Salazar and 'La Virgen de los sicarios' by Fernando Vallejo not only portray new subjectivities created by fear and violence, but also offer an exposition of a fragmented city dominated by the deathly logic of the drugtrafficking suburban culture, closely linked to consumerism.


Maite Villoria Nolla  (United Kingdom)
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Social Sciences and Business
The University of Plymouth

Born in Barcelona 17 February 1966. First Honours Degree on Spanish and Latin American Studies at the University of Southampton, MA by Research at the University of Nottingham where I am also finishing my Doctoral thesis. I am a lecturer at the University of Plymouth. I teach on Spanish Language, Spanish Civil War and Latin American Cinema. My research interest are in modern Spanish/Latin American Culture; Images of the City in Latin America (literature and film)

  • Literature
  • Colombia
  • Cities
  • Violence and Sicarios subculture

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)