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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Effective Teaching and the International Graduate Student: A Pilot Project Comparing International & American Student Preparedness to Complete Web-enhanced Studies: A University of Akron Pilot Project

Dr. Ramona Ortega-Liston, Dr Raymond Cox, Dwight A. Bishop.

The University of Akron (OH), completed a two-year pilot project examining whether U.S.-born and foreign-born graduate students are equally well prepared for web-enhanced graduate work in public administration. The workshop may interest faculty who seek to learn more about WebCt teaching and learning in the context of public administration and government service. The workshop consists of web-enhanced teaching strategies such as power-point presentations, viewing foreign and American film clips illustrating salient public administration concepts. Foreign films and American films are used to illustrate various theories of human motivation and organizational hierarchy. Results of student surveys reveal that a majority of graduate students are prepared to complete a portion of their graduate studies in an on-line format.


Dr. Ramona Ortega-Liston  (United States)
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Public Administration & Urban Studies (PAUS)
The University of Akron

Assistant Professor, The University of Akron; former Deputy Administrative Assistant, Congressman John McCain; Special Asst. to the Vice-President, Arizona State University. Teaching areas: Ethics, Comparative Public Administration, Leadership & Decision-Making; Intro. to Public Administration.

Dr Raymond Cox  (United States)

The University of Akron

Dwight A. Bishop  (United States)

The University of Akron

  • Public service
  • Public Administration
  • Graduate student computer literacy
  • On-line master's and doctoral programs
  • Pilot study of Web-enhanced Teaching
  • On-line teaching
  • Survey results

(60 min. Workshop, English)