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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Filipinos in Tasmania: Diaspora, Resistance and the Dynamics of Identity

Juliet Pietsch.

This paper investigates the experiences of Filipino women who have migrated from the Philippines to Tasmania, Australia. Commonly referred to as ‘mail-order brides’, the women discussed in this paper have migrated to Tasmania for the purpose of marriage, usually after a long process of letter writing and friendship. Utilising the theoretical sociology of Pierre Bourdieu, this paper argues that Filipino women in Tasmania do not always regards themselves as ‘victims’ as suggested in many scholarly and media representations of ‘mail-order brides. Instead, based on the accounts of Filipino women living in Tasmania, this paper provides new insights into the ‘mail-order bride’ phenomenon, questioning and challenging the many assumptions that are made about their migration.


Juliet Pietsch  (Australia)
PhD student
School of Asian Languages and Studies, University of Tasmania
University of Tasmania

Juliet Pietsch is a PhD student at the School of Asian Languages and Studies/School of Sociology and Social Work at the University of Tasmania

  • Filipino mail-order brides
  • Gender and resistance
  • Diaspora

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