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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Trust and Choice of Technologies in Industry/Community Partnerships in Development

Prof Roy Rickson, Peter Hoppe, David Burch.

Strategic partnerships between local communities and transnational companies are key dimensions of environmental sustainability, which now includes social and economic justice rather than just environmental protection. Trust in these relationships involve sharing of power between industries and local communities in the selection of technologies. How the technologies affect local people and the long term management of these impacts (positive and negative) on locals, their civil society, and environment depends upon the extent to which a relationship of trust has been established. We report results from a comparative study of industry/community relationships regarding plans for quarry development in Switzerland and Queensland. In Switzerland, the study is on B√ľnder Cement, Untervaz (BCU), Holcim Corporation. In Queensland, a similar case was studied. Our focus was on the collaborative model of planning and decision-making implemented by the companies and community to assess and monitor the proposed developments. The results illustrate how strategic partnerships between companies and local communities can influence the selection and management of large-scale project technologies to implement local development models balancing social, economic and environmental goals. Trust was evident in the Swiss, but not the Queensland case. Due to the lack of trust in the Queensland case, industry/community relationships have characterized by a downward spiral of intensifying hostility having a severe impact on local environmental management and civil society.
A consequence has been that choice of technologies and alleviation of the impacts of technologies in quarry development o


Prof Roy Rickson  (Australia)
Australian School of Environmental Studies
Griffith University

Research and teaching (undergraduate and postgraduate) in the areas of industry/community relationships, which incorporates issues of technology choice and trust.

Peter Hoppe  (Australia)

Griffith University

David Burch  (Australia)

Griffith University

  • Trust, Choice of Technologies
  • Industry/Community Relationships
  • Conflict

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)