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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Humanities and Teacher Education

Dr Mitra F. Fallahi, Beverly Gulley.

This research reviews the role of teacher education programs in the development of high quality standards that will lead to more effective teacher preparation programs. Products of these programs will be teachers who are better prepared to reach out to students' needs and who would consider their profession as the most fundamental medium in the development of a better society through the education of the whole child. The process of the development of teacher education programs and where they are today will be reviewed. The focus of the research is the advantages that investment in education of good teachers in particular and education of a society in general has for the betterment of humanities. A comparsion of teacher preparation in demogratic societies with non-democratic societies will follow. This apaper will also review the relation between education and other aspects of the society. This paper will conclude with recommendations for strengthening teacher education programs.


Dr Mitra F. Fallahi  (United States)
Director of Graduate Studies
School of Education
Saint Xavier University, Chicago

Associate Professor and the Director of Graduate Studies at Saint Xavier University, Chicago.

Beverly Gulley  (Australia)
School of Education
Saint Xavier University

  • Teacher education program
  • Eduction for a better society
  • Process and development of teacher preparation.

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