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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Globalization and Geoculture

Dr Irina Mitina.

Globalization is a means to solve the problems accumulated by the mankind. Some of them are coped by geoeconomy and geopolitics better, others worse, yet generally the mankind has found acceptable forms of adequate response in the creation of global structures.
counteraction to the distribution of geoculture realized as a complex of number of European liberal cultural values, rejection of the idea of cultural universalism. Intrusion in the world of values, moral cultural image, exporting of the Western consumption models inconsistent with the production models of the recipient countries are dangerously explosive. The binary ‘geoeconomy – geopolitics’ structure is inadequate for the global civilization steady development. We need a transition to the analysis of world problems on the basis of trinitary methodology and attention concentration on the problems of geoculture.
Further development of presently coexisting cultures should be defined by some common rules since the community cannot form without a definite level of commonality and even likeness. Concrete samples of some culture may become a connecting factor as the last thing. For the majority, culture as an ensemble of cognitive, symbolic and mental systems sets forth the limits of socio-cultural organization plasticity and of individual behavioral patterns variability. At the initial stages of geoculture formation people may be perhaps united only by abstract rules of individual behavior. The world turning into a global community and simultaneously cultivating differences, may provide spontaneous and productive development of geoculture based upon the principles of tolerance and cultural openness.


Dr Irina Mitina  (Russian Federation)
Senior Research Worker
Philosophy Department
Teachers Training University

Expert in social and political philosophy. Author of about 70 published research works; co-author of three text-books. Presently lectures in philosophy and a number of special courses. Is a scientific adviser of post-graduate students. Participant of Humanities’ 2003.

  • Globalization as a stage in people’s evolution
  • Geoculture creation as a problem of the globalizing mankind
  • Trinitary methodology as a means of studying and constructing compound objects
  • Geoeconomy
  • Geopolitics
  • Geoculture
  • Explosive risk of cultural practices

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)