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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Evaluating Women as Mentors: A Padeigma Metaphor in Greek Evaluating System

Dr Anastasia Pamouktsoglou.

The last decade the subjects of equality of gender and the exploitation of feminine work occupied very widely the scientific community. At the same time the feminism movements in most countries fixed the problems, which concern the social and political responsibilities of women and men, as they are determined by their cultural heritage. Our paper addresses through interviews, the tendencies of field and the treaties that fix the place of woman of mentors (sxoliki simbouli) in the Greek educational system and more specifically when it serves in places of power (director, school adviser etc).
We emerge the factors that affect as the family, the school, the relations between heads and colleagues etc in the growth of possibilities and faculties of women, to manage in the educational system. Every offers a definition what means Ā«head mentorĀ», who faculties lead to the success, their confrontation from the social environment as well as practical advices for that it should are encouraged the new women teachers, so that they claim places of power, avoiding him stereotypes.


Dr Anastasia Pamouktsoglou  (Greece)
Greek Pedagogical Institut

School Evaluation consultant in the Greek pedagogical institute and lecturer in the University of Thessalia.

  • Evaluation
  • Political
  • Feminism
  • Leadership

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)