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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Atlanticism and Europeanism: Deconstructing the Blair Agenda on Europe

Dr David Baker, Dr Philippa Sherrington.

Since the second Iraq war and the Convention on the Future of Europe, stark differences between Tony Blair's vision of European integration and that of most of the rest of 'Old Europe' have been revealed. In 2003 the Blair Government flatly contradicted much of its Britain at the heart of Europe EU strategy since the Amsterdam negotiations in 1997, and generated a strained atmosphere at EU summits and conventions. But this positioning of the UK as a potential post 9/11 honest broker between Europe and America does not appear to have been successful as 'Old Europe,' in the form of France and Germany, renewed their previously waning alliance in the face of Blair's claimed leadership of 'New Europe' - namely the Eastern and Southern European accession states. This paper will examine the argument that traditional Atlanticist political and cultural impulses, coupled with perceptions of national advantage, lay behind this revival of UK exceptionalism under New Labour.


Dr David Baker  (United Kingdom)
Senior Lecturer
Department of Politics and International Studies
University of Warwick

Dr. Baker is Co-Founder (with Professor Andrew Gamble) of the joint Members of Parliament Research Project (which currently includes researchers from Warwick, Sheffield, Leeds and Newcastle universities). He has published extensively on the issue of Britain and Europe, and more especially the impact on UK political parties of membership of the EU and the related issues of British nationalism and sovereignty. With Dr. David Seawright he co-edited Britain For and Against Europe: British Politics and the Question of European Integration. Oxford 1998)

Dr Philippa Sherrington  (United Kingdom)

Department of Politics and International Studies
University of Warwick

  • Anglo-American Alliance
  • Atlanticism
  • European Union
  • Iraq War
  • Tony Blair
  • New Labour

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