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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Anti-Americanism in the Arab World

Prof. Abdel Mahdi Alsoudi.

Despite what many Americans and others argue, anti-American sentiment in the Arab World has resulted from US unbalanced policies toward the Arab Israeli conflict and its hostile actions against some Arab countries. The paper argues that there are three main reasons for Arabs' hatred and apathy from America. First, US political, economical and military support for Israel. Second US air attacks and sanctions against some Arab countries and its occupation of Iraq. Third, US support for some undemocratic Arab regimes, its military bases in some Arab countries and campaign against Islam and its citizen of Arab and Islamic origin.


Prof. Abdel Mahdi Alsoudi  (Jordan)
Sociology Department
Jordan University

I am Associate Prof. at the sociology Department, Jordan University. I hold a Ph.D from Keele University UK 1986. I started to work in 1986 at the Center for Strategic Studies at Jordan University, then joined the Sociology Department in 1988 until 2000 where i got a teaching job at United Arab Emirates University tell 2002. In 2002 i joined Princess Ragmah University college for one year Sabbatical. I published several papers on, sociological issues such as: political participation, crimes, Islam and Democracy, environment, social development etc. I attended and participated in several international, regional and national conferences and work shops. plz. see C.V.

  • Anti-Americanism
  • Arab World
  • US Policy towards Israel & the Arab World
  • Undemocratic Arab regimes

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)