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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Questioning and Metacognitive Control: Using an Online Environment to Develop Critical Questioning Skills

Joanne Hardman.

Access to the textual world of academia requires that learners are familiar with the critical open-ended questioning stance demanded by textuality in the Human Sciences. South Africa’s legacy of inequitable education under the Apartheid system has resulted in a heterogeneous body of learners who are prepared to a lesser or greater degree to enter tertiary institutions. Consequently, in order to meet the learners’ different needs, curricula have to be designed that are capable of addressing learners’ vastly different learning histories. Anecdotal evidence suggests that learners registered for the Bachelor of Education Honours degree at the University of Cape Town are unable to generate appropriate questions to interrogate academic text, impacting on their ability to engage effectively with academia. In a bid to ascertain learners’ questioning levels in order to inform the design of appropriate curricula, we have designed and piloted an online questioning environment, which captures learners’ questions and diagnoses them in terms of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Knowledge of learners’ questioning levels enables us to tailor our curricula to meet learners’ specific needs. This paper reports on the diagnostic phase of an ongoing project, which aims to diagnose learners’ questioning levels to facilitate the development of learning materials that meet individual learners' needs.


Joanne Hardman  (South Africa)
Lecturer Educational Psychology
School of Education
University of Cape Town

Lecturer in Educational Psychology; current research interests include learning and teaching with technology; cognition.

  • Pre-service teacher training
  • Online environments
  • Questioning skills
  • Bloom's Taxonomy

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