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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity: Australia and the Centrelink Response

Peter Francis Rock.

One in four Australians was born in another country or had a parent born in another country. In a population which has only recently passed 20 million, Australia welcomed our six millionth migrant. Our annual migrant and refugee intake exceeds 120,000. Australians originate from 232 countries and speak over 193 languages. Such cultural and linguistic diversity poses significant challenges in ensuring appropriate communication and delivery strategies are implemented. Centrelink was established in 1996 as the human face of the Australian Government, to provide easy and convenient access to high quality Government and community services that improve the lives of Australian families, communities and individuals. This presentation will showcase the strategies adopted by Centrelink in meeting the needs of its customers from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.


Peter Francis Rock  (Australia)
National Manager
Multicultural Services

After extensive network experience, Peter Rock has been responsible for Centrelink's multicultural service delivery strategies since the creation of Centrelink in 1996.

  • Multicultural service delivery strategies

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)