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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

A Re-reading of the Past to Humanize the Present:: Creating a Better and More Humane Future for All

Dr Sylvia S. L. Ieong.

Living in an era predominated by the rationalism of science-technology and of economic-commerce, and being tormented by wars, epidemics and pandemics, we humans feel more than ever the pressing need to humanities education to rescue humanity. Though mankind has made extraordinary progress in science and technology and in the accumulating of knowledge, we have to admit that mankind has undergone no general improvement in humanity, nor in morality, nor in wisdom. In addition to the fatal rapidly spreading Aids and the baffling civet-cat transmitted Sars, which wreaked havoc in many parts of the world last year and is still looming large, mad-cow disease, monkey-pox and bird flu are now ravaging the whole world. All these are pointing tellingly to the desperately worsening relationship between Man and Man and between Man and Nature, and thus the urgency to resort to humanities education to rescue humanity. A re-reading of ancient classics and drawing on their wisdom may help humanize many of the paradoxes of our times, to live and let live, and unite humans to create a better and more humane future for all mankind.


Dr Sylvia S. L. Ieong  (Macao Special Administrative Region of China)
Asst. Professor in English and Curriculum Studies

University of Macau

Educated in China and the UK, with BA, MA and PhD in English Language and Literature and Post-graduate Diploma in TEFL, she has taught English at secondary and tertiary levels. She is now Asst. Professor, coordinator of BEd Programmes, and MEd thesis supervisor at the University of Macau. Her research interests include English education, curriculum and translation studies and recent publications include Children’s Trilingual Picture Dictionary (Chinese/English/ Portuguese), Macau China (English translation), "One Country, Two Systems" and the Macao SAR, and over a dozen papers in Chinese and international journals

  • Rereading ancient classics
  • Human widsom
  • Man's relationship with Nature
  • Humanizing Inhuman paradoxes
  • Humane future

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)