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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Common Threads: Identity and Narratives of Self

Dr Adele Flood.

THis paper will discuss the interplay between the figured world of artists and the creation of identity and a sense of self within the personal narrative of the individual. Common Threads begins with questions of the place the past holds in the formulation of the present and future. It will draw upon the stories of ten textile artists and through the application of a systems model the innovative constructions of Textscapes and Threadscapes will be revealed. THese new landscapes of text make explicit the internal realms of thinking and feeling across a range of themes and reveal essential anchoring mechanisms . From these common threads of experience and feelings emerge deepened understandings of both the place of stories within our lives and how stories can further our understanding of what it means to be an artist. Investigating these stories reveals the need for rethinking teaching practice.


Dr Adele Flood  (Australia)
Senior Lecturer Visual art Education
RMIT University

Dr Adele Flood is a Senior Lecturer in the Dept of School and Early Childhood Education at RMIT University Melbourne. She has a particular interest in visual arts education and is also a practising artist. She is the past president of Australian Institute of Art Education (AIAE) and is currently on the executive council of International Society of Education through Art. (InSEA) and is chair of the editorial board of InSEA. Adele has taught across all levels of education and has developed progressive and innovative curricula for both young students as well as adult learners. Her Doctoral thesis Common Threads investigates ideas of artistic identity, narrative and memory. She has written extensively on creativity and her recent works are concerned with ideas of identity and the need for the individual to be heard and their creativity to be explored through notions of self. She is also a practising artist with many individual and group exhibitions to her credit.

  • Identity and Self
  • Narratives and memory
  • Creativity and ideas of self.

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)