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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

The Impacts (Socio-politico and Economic) of Afghan Refugees on our Local Society: A Case Study of Peshawar (The Capital of N.W.F.P)

Asghar Khan, Ali Raman.

The migration of Afghan refugees started in the wake of Saur (Red) Revolution in 1978, as a result of reforms introduced by the communist regime in Kabul (capital of Afghanistan). However the large influx took place soon after the invasion in 1979 and Pakistan provided asylum for the approximately 4.2 million refugees. They were settled in 386 camps mostly in rural as well as in urban areas of the country. But the most populous province which have large number of afghan refugees is N.W.F.P—adjoining borders with Afghanistan, with which they had cultural, religious, and linguistics ties.
This large number of immigrants generated grave consequences for Pakistan, especially for N.W.F.P in every walk of life. They have effected our socio-politico and economic conditions.
My research is focussed on exploring the socio-politico and economic impacts of these refugees on the lives of the local society in Peshawar, which is the most populous Afghan Refugees City.
The objective of the present study were:
1. To find out attitude of Afghan Refugees towards local people.
2. The Norms and values of Afghan Refugees and their impacts on our society.
3. The economic impacts on our society—economic constraints produced by these people for local people.
4. Psychological aspects of increasing exodus of Afghan Refugees on our society.
5. And beside it, the study of psychological feelings of Afghan Refugees.
In nutshell, to conclude our findings our research revealed us that these people have not effected our society economically but have also some political and social impacts on our society. Majority of A.R is involved in corruption, immorality. They have destroyed our ecological balance causing desertification and consequent soil erosion, and promoted drug trafficking, a kalashinkov culture, sectarianism and endless Law and Order problems.


Asghar Khan  (Pakistan)
Research Assistant
Political and economic and social division.
Pakistan Socio-politico and Economic Research Council.

I am the student of M.phil political science part two. I have completed my course work of the M.phil , and presently I am working on my research (The impacts(socio-politico and economic) of Afghan Refugees on N.F.W.P.
Beside, it I am an active member and Research assistant in Pakistan socio-politico and economic research council. I work as a sectary general for it, and also managing the many affairs of this council. I am interesting in researches, that's why that I contributed and worked in many researches while conducted by this council. I am working with this Research council for the last two years. Beside it , the research conducted on Afghan refugees is totally my own efforts and I worked hard to complete it.

Ali Raman  (Pakistan)

Pakistan Socio-politico and Economic Research Council

  • Afghan Refugees
  • Local people
  • Kalashinkov Culture
  • Galemjum Culture
  • Sectarianism
  • Smuggling

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