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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

An Agenda for the Humanities: The Divide Between Developed and Developing Countries as Reflected in Victim Support Systems

Marie Steyn, Prof Herman Strydom, Dr Els van Dongen.

The conference aim is an agenda for the humanities with the sub-themes globalization and diversity. In reality these two constructs are combined but also divided. One of the further realities of the global world is the division that exists between the developed and developing countries of the world, with typical similarities but also real differences between them. This reality should continually be recognized when setting an agenda for the humanities. To explain the importance of the agenda regarding the developed and developing communities, the respective support systems for victims of crime can serve as a typical example. According to the nature of the respective developed and developing communities, typical support systems are constructed in order to provide for the diversity that existed between these communities.
The aim of this paper is to report on research focusing on a comparison between and understanding of the support systems for victims of crime in developed and developing countries. The victim support systems of the Netherlands, as developed country, and South Africa, as developing country, will be used as case study. Similarities and differences will be provided and explained. The level of modernization of the respective communities can primarily explain the differences. It will be indicated that the differences are intensified by the developing nature of, for example, technology and economy in the developing countries. Therefore, the outcome of the paper is to emphasize the fact that localism, as typical characteristic of the global world, is complicated by the reality of the gap between the developed and developing world. This reality should never be under-estimated in the agenda of the humanities.


Marie Steyn  (South Africa)
Senior Lecturer
Social Work Division in School for Psyco Social Behavioral Sciences Faculty of Health Sciences
North West University

Lecturer on pre graduate level in human behavior in social environment over lifespan, child centered social work as well as social work in diverse communities. Busy with research in victim support systems in rural and deep rural communities in South Africa. Guidance to post graduate students on similar topics.

Prof Herman Strydom  (South Africa)
Professor in Social Work
Faculty of Health Sciences
North West University

Dr Els van Dongen  (Netherlands)

Medical Anthropology Unit Amsterdam
University of Amsterdam

  • Developed countries
  • Developing countries
  • Support Systems
  • Victims of Crime

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