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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Sino-American Educational Transition

Dr David William Borst.

With Chinese history as a foundation, this study replicates the work done by Dr. Nancy Frank (2000) with mainland Chinese students studying in the United States. In this study, eight higher education students, four from Taiwan and four from China are interviewed. Their similarities and differences are highlighted as a blueprint for what American instructors can do to assist this large group of scholars studying in the United States. The study offers a comparison and contrast of the learning styles of the two ethnic groups and a similar comparison and contrast along gender lines.


Dr David William Borst  (United States)
Executive Director
College of Business and Legal Studies
Concordia University Wisconsin

Dr. Borst is the Executive Director of the Office of International Student Services and Director of Graduate Business Programs at Concordia University Wisconsin. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the College of Business and Legal Studies, teaching corporate Finance, Small Business Administration and Marketing Research. Dr. Borst has an MBA from Marquette University and a doctorate in education from Argosy University.

  • Gender Comparison of Chinese and Taiwanese Students
  • Comparison and Contrast of Tawanese and Chinese Learning in American Classroom Environment

(60 min. Workshop, English)