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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

An Analysis of Computer and Telephone Usage in the New York City Metropolitan Area

Dr Jennifer W. Gilmore.

This study explored computer and telephone usage by respondents in the New York City Metropolitan Area. A survey form was used to obtain data about computer and telephone usage from adults living in the New York City Metropolitan Area representative of the four major cultural/ethnic groups in the area: White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian/Pacific. This study was needed because such research has been sparse generally, but especially for the New York City Metropolitan Area.

Descriptive and inferential statistical calculations including chi-square statistical analyses were used to analyze the data. This research found that respondents of the different cultures living in New York City believe that computers and telephones are greatly necessary for technological, professional, or personal advancement. This research also found that respondents of different cultures living in the New York City Metropolitan Area frequently use the computer and telephone.

Based on the response data, a small digital divide for access and usage of computers, telephones, and the Internet was found for Black and Hispanic participants in comparison to the White and Asian participants included in this study. The percentage difference in access between Blacks/Hispanics and Whites/Asians was less than 30%.


Dr Jennifer W. Gilmore  (United States)
Computer Project Manager; CIS Adjunct Professor
Management Information Systems Department of Computer Information Systems

Dr. Jennifer Williams Gilmore, Ph.D. is a Computer Project Manager and Computer Specialist for the City of New York, Human Resources Administration, Management Information Systems. She is also a Computer Information Systems Adjunct Professor at Touro College and Monroe College in New York City, and an online Information Systems Management full professor at the University of Maryland University College.

  • Computer and Telephone Usage in New York City

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