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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Strange Ties; Contemporary Dance and Internet2: Science and Human Faces of Technology Keep the focus on the DanceArt

Gary Galbraith, Tom Knab.

This presentation will discuss the creation of Kinetic Shadows, a dance work choreographed by Gary Galbraith, assisted by Karen Potter with video art by Kasumi set to TimeSpan, a score for brass quintet by contemporary composer Margaret Brouwer. Produced by Tom Knab, the goal of the project was to use internet2 technology in the arts in a way that had not been done before while maintaining the focus on the art. The goal of the presentation is to explain how artists can indeed embrace 21st century technology while remaining focused on the creative process. While featuring the creative work, the presentation will also explain in depth the technology utilized to realize this vanguard project.
The artistic and production team included faculty, staff students and artists from Case Western Reserve University, the Cleveland Institute of Music, the Cleveland Institute of Art and the Cleveland Orchestra. Together, they pushed the technology envelope by using three codecs to stream compressed and uncompressed data files across 2400 miles via the high-speed connections of internet2 technology.
Included in the presentation will be video documentation of the creative processes of the choreography and video art and the multifaceted production aspects of the project from its inception to the premiere. Footage demonstrates the various explorations and experiments such as testing for camera range and light design for both the theatre and the remote site and rehearsals of musicians where delays were introduced to mimic the delay experienced with internet2. Also included are interviews with key members of the artistic and production team. Culminating the session will be a film of the premiere performance. Some film was provided by students involved in an unrelated collaborative project between several institutions within the university circle. Support for the project came from a wide range of corporate sponsors as well as from within the key institutions, Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Institute of Music.


Gary Galbraith  (United States)
Associate Professor of Dance
Department of Theater Arts
Case Western Reserve University

Gary Galbraith, a member of the Martha Graham Dance Company since 1993, has been privileged to dance prestigious principal roles such as Jason (Cave of the Heart), the Revivalist and now Husbandman (Appalachian Spring), the Minotaur (Errand into the Maze), both the Red and White Couple (Diversion of Angels), Tireseus (Night Journey), the Christ Figure (El Penitente), and the Cavalier (Deaths and Entrances). He is Associate Professor of Dance, Artistic Director of the Dance Program and Co-Director of the Dance Wellness Program at Case Western Reserve University. In addition to choreographing Kinetic Shadows, Mr. Galbraith has choreographed the Sirens and G Song for the dance ensemble at Case Western Reserve University.

Tom Knab  (United States)

Cleveland Institute of Music

  • Creativity
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Video Art
  • Internet2
  • Codecs
  • Surround sound
  • Captured Images

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)