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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Redefining Scholarly Communication in a Digital Age

Dr. Kate Marek, Dr Karen Brown.

Not since the invention of the printing press over five hundred years ago has scholarly publication seen the dramatic shifts evidenced in recent decades. The convergence of technological development in the areas of computer storage, data transfer, and networking has transformed all aspects of the information cycle: creation, dissemination, and utilization. This workshop will explore the impact of the changing patterns of scholarly communication in the humanities as demonstrated through electronic journals, Weblogs, and innovative Internet resources.

In an electronic environment, scholarly communication more easily transcends geographic boundaries and the potential for global dialogue is being realized in the increasing number of Internet resources. With the advent of these resources, traditional scholarly publishing practices are undergoing transformation.

The presenters will highlight and discuss the influence of several Internet-based projects in the humanities. Discussion will focus all aspects of the information cycle, particularly the changing concept of authorship, the politics of publishing, and the emergence of global dialogues in the humanities.


Dr. Kate Marek  (United States)
Assistant Professor
Graduate School of Library and Information Science
Dominican University

Dr Karen Brown  (United States)

Dominican University

  • Scholarly communication
  • Publishing
  • Internet
  • Electronic communication
  • Information cycle

(60 min. Workshop, English)