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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

The Future of School History: Recent Developments in the United Kingdom

Terry Haydn.

The past three decades have seen a revolution in school history in the United Kingdom, but it has been a contested revolution, and one which has evinced a counter-attack by those wishing to retain traditional modes of history teaching.

The paper examines the ways forward which history teacher educators and practitioners have suggested to ensure that the subject is taught in a way that is relevant, motivating and appropriate for pupils growing up in the United Kingdom at the start of the twenty first century and explores the tensions between these views and those of politicians and policy makers.

The paper looks at some of the most recent proposals for shaping the future form of school history and considers the part that school history should play as part of citizenship and humanities education in the twenty first century. Although the focus will be on recent developments in the United Kingdom, the implications of these developments will be of relevance to citizenship and humanities education in other countries.


Terry Haydn  (United Kingdom)
Senior Lecturer in Education
School of Education
University of East Anglia

Terry Haydn is Senior Lecturer in Education in the School of Education, University of East Anglia. He is Curriculum Director for the training of history teachers and author of the standard UK text for history teacher education

  • Curriculum
  • School history
  • Citizenship education
  • Political literacy
  • Humanities education

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)