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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Educating for Humanity: The Worldwide Waldorf School Movement

Dr Tom Stehlik.

The presentation will explore the development and continual growth of a movement in school education that is concerned with educating the whole child - body, mind and spirit. Waldorf or Steiner schools are concerned with educating for life rather than for the world of work, through a curriculum that integrates the arts, sciences and humanities, via teaching methodologies that engage the child's creative and aesthetic as well as intellectual faculties.
Based on the presenter's book 'Each parent carries the flame: Waldorf Schools as sites for promoting lifelong learning, creating community and educating for social renewal' (Post Pressed, Queensland, 2002), the paper will argue that educating for humanity begins with a schooling experience that reinforces the alternative three R's of rhythm, ritual and reverence.
Waldorf or Steiner schools also recognise and reinforce the bigger picture of communities as sites for learning and developing humanistic approaches to living through an appreciation of the aesthetic and the spiritual. Ways in which this might occur and be facilitated will be discussed.


Dr Tom Stehlik  (Australia)
Senior Lecturer in Education
Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences
University of South Australia

Dr Tom Stehlik is Senior Lecturer in Education at the University of South Australia, teaching and researching in the areas of adult and vocational education, teacher education and Steiner education.

  • Waldorf Schools
  • Steiner Education
  • Educating for Humanity
  • Learning Communities
Person as Subject
  • Steiner, Rudolf

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)