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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Using Drama Strategies to Enhance Critical Literacy

Assoc Prof Robyn A. Ewing.

Critical literacy is essential for contemporary students. It enables readers and writers to go beyond the surface meaning of texts, challenge stereotypes, apply meaning and sometimes begin to transform their own understandings. This paper demonstrates that drama strategies can be used with authentic literary texts to enhance students’ critical literacy development. It draws on data collected from a longitudinal study in a suburban Sydney primary school.


Assoc Prof Robyn A. Ewing  (Australia)
Director, Division of Professional Experiences, Partnerships & Development
School of Policy & Practice Faculty of Education & Social Work
University of Sydney, Australia

A former primary teacher, Assoc/Prof Robyn Ewing lectures in Curriculum, Drama & English to preservice & postgraduate teachers in the Faculty of Education & Social Work at the University of Sydney. She has a commitment to innovative teaching & learning at all levels of education. For the past eight years she has been working as an academic mentor at Curl Curl North Primary School in suburban Sydney. Her focus has been on enhancing student s' critical literacy outcomes through drama & the use of literary texts.

  • Critical literacy
  • Drama strategies
  • Transforming learning

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)