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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

New Communications Technologies: Localizing the Global

Dr. Anju Chaudhary.

New modes of communication and access are enabling people worldwide to dialogue and use technological innovations to their benefit without any fear of cultural or identity dissolution. As a result, a dynamic global-local relationship is being formed. The emerging information and communication technologies are creating a new process of “glocalization”, a hybrid of global and local.
Local and regional cultural identity is coming to the forefront as a result of new modes of communication and access. The Internet, for example, is an amplifier of the locality. Its content gives us the opportunity “to think local, act global” and enables us to bring the local culture, ideas and resources to the global system. The Internet is a basis for glocalization, a communication system networking people globally as well as locally. It provides both a connection onto the global information highway and serves as a tool to local links within communities. Hence, global and local are not regarded as exclusive categories.
The new communication technologies – e-mails, pagers, cell phones, mobile palm devices and web pages – enable us to have a personalized news experience and play a creative role as culture producers rather than serving as passive victims of globalization. Internet users can set up personal preferences for the kind of information they want to receive. The new cell phone programming can turn cell phones into computers that can download and execute programs just like PCs. In the broadcast arena, personal broadcasting allows people to create their own programming. Options are endless with the new communications technologies.
With regards to content, glocalization can be seen in the Online world. Yahoo! is an excellent example of glocalization. The music channel MTV is also one such example of glocalism that combines a global brand with local content.


Dr. Anju Chaudhary  (United States)
Department of Journalism
Howard University

Dr. Anju Grover Chaudhary has over 30 years of professional and academic experience in journalism. She is a professor in the Department of Journalism, Howard University. She presents papers at international conferences on a regular basis. Her publications have appeared in several scholarly journals.

  • Internet
  • Globalization
  • Glocalization
  • Glocalism
  • Local
  • New Communication Technologies
  • Digital

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)