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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Living with Computing:: Thoughts on Humanizing Technology

Anthony Faiola, Howard Rosenbaum, Howard Sypher, Elisabeth Davenport.

Society’s growing obsession and dependence on computers has evolved into a mounting tension between people and technology. As a result, professionals and academics from the fields of social informatics, information science, communication, and human-computer interaction are increasingly assessing the impact of technology on the individual, community, society, and humanity at large. Issues related to communication, education, culture, and system design will be discussed relative to the humanizing of technology. Questions to initiate a discussion might include: Do information technologies erode or enhance interpersonal and intercultural relationships and communication? Does technology oppress or improve the learning experience for students and educators? How could technologists better address human need and social contexts regarding usability and information design of online systems? How is technology affecting our personal and collective concept and implementation of time? Does our development of technologies involve the adequate consideration of human-centricity in the wider communication context? Can we better transform technology into tools for creativity, innovation, and the development of the human intellect? If so, what would such tools look like? Can the integration of positivist and interpretive approaches in computing research better support the humanization of technology? If so, what methods might help to expedite the process?


Anthony Faiola  (United States)
Associate Professor
School of Informatics
Indiana University

Professor Faiola is a three-time Fulbright Scholar to Russia, Associate Professor and Associate Director of the Human Computer Interaction Graduate Studies at Indiana University School of Informatics. His research and teaching focus on cross-cultural usability and design pedagogy for online and software interfaces and interactive systems.

Howard Rosenbaum  (United States)

Howard Sypher  (United States)

Department of Communication
Purdue University

Elisabeth Davenport

School of Computing
Napier University

  • Technology
  • Social informatics
  • Humanizing
  • Communication
  • Society
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Creativity
  • Usability
  • Human-centered

(90 min. Colloquium, English)