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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

The Pedestrian Charter in Toronto; Its Effect and Relevance to the Official City Plan

Andrew Furman, Janice Etter, Rhona Swarbrick.

The City of Toronto has incorporated a Pedestrian Charter within its new Official City Plan. This charter, adopted by city council in May, 2002 was developed by the Pedestrian Committee in consultation with city staff. The incorporation of a pedestrian charter will be instrumental in redefining the direction of planning and transportation initiatives in the city and the metropolitan region beyond. Since the time of the adoption of the charter in Toronto there has been interest from other municipalities about the charter and its repercussions for planning and transportation policies.
A host of supporters from the design and environmental communities have championed the pedestrian charter and recently, a Pedestrian Space Forum has been established to offer a venue for discussing pedestrian issues at a public event.
A summary of the pedestrian space forum held in June of 2004 is placed in the context of recent theory and practice regarding public space and pedestrianism.


Andrew Furman  (Canada)
Assistant Professor
School of Interior Design Faculty of Communication and Design
Ryerson University

Andrew Furman is an assistant professor at the school of interior design at Ryerson University. He teaches design studio courses and is interested in the discussion of public space development, pedestrianism, and design representation.

Janice Etter  (Canada)
Principal and Founding Member
Pedestrian Planning Network

Janice Etter is an advocate of liveable, sustainable, equitable communities and a founding member of the Pedestrian Planning Network. She is the Community Chair of the Toronto Food Policy Council, and a member of the Toronto Preservation Board. Ms Etter is a former member of the Toronto Pedestrian Committee Research Sub-Committee.

Rhona Swarbrick  (Canada)
Principal and Founding Member
Pedestrian Space Forum

Rhona Swarbrick is a pedestrian activist, the former Chair of the Toronto Pedestrian Committee, and a founding member of the Pedestrian Space Forum. She was the lead member of the Toronto Pedestrian Committee Research Sub-Committee.

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(30 min. Conference Paper, English)