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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Societal Transformation beginning with the very young: Teaching Concepts of Peace, Conflict Resolution, and Tolerance to Children (ages 4-16) through the use of Children's Literature

Dr. Karen Marie Prince.

Learning as a vehicle for transformation will be the major focus of my session. To transform societal beliefs and practices, it is most logical to begin with the very young. In this spirit, I propose conducting a session that features the use of children's literature to teach concepts of: peace, conflict resolution, peaceful living, and tolerance. The literature has been chosen based upon the following criteria: literature for varying ages (ages 4-16); quality of literature; variety of genre; sociological themes; biographical literature; balance of fiction & non-fiction; and multicultural representation.

I will describe my personal experiences teaching themes of peace and tolerance to children of various ages and socio-economic backgrounds.

The session will be two-fold. First, a discussion concerning transformation of societal ills through teaching children and adolescents will take place. Following will be the very important presentation of actual children's books. The books will be displayed and discussed and ideas on how they can be used to foster transformation though learning will be provided.

A bibliography of the books presented (and other suggested books ) will be distributed during the session, and will certainly be made available to all interested persons.

I anticipate a very interactive session whereby books for children will be viewed and appreciated for their value in promoting peace and tolerance. Ideas, opinions, and insight will prove a natural result of my session.

Thank you very much for your consideration of my proposal!


Dr. Karen Marie Prince  (United States)
Assistant Professor of Education
School of Education
The College of New Jersey

Karen Marie Prince teaches education at the College of New Jersey and holds a doctoral degree from Temple University in Philadelphia. She is currently pursuing further studies in art history at Temple.

  • Peace
  • Conflict resolution
  • Tolerance
  • Children's literature

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)