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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

The Place of Peace & Human Rights Education in World's School Curriculum if Humanity will ever know Peace

Ehis Abu, Dr Amos Abu.

The world today has experience so much setbacks, suffered so much pain and lost so much to violence and crisis everywhere. This epidemic has eaten so deaply into all the facets of the society. Our submission is that there is not enough education and enlightenment in this area. People want solutions to their problems and they are ready to have this solution anyway. There is a better option-DIALOGUE. This conference will give us the opportunity of teaching participants the methods of applying the mechanisms of dialogue and non violence, this is very important if humanity will ever progress otherwise all our efforts both in research and education will be in vain. What will be the essence of all of these when that that will ensure our work is not taken cared of.


Ehis Abu  (Nigeria)
Peace Education/Training
Peace Foundation International PFI

I founded Peace Foundation International PFI based on the experiences I gathered as a growing up daughter of a military soldier. I recall with nostalgia how my father will fight and destroy everything in the house. I have a first degree in Psychology and a masters in International Peace & Conflict Resolution. Though I have worked in a series of public companies, I never found satisfaction until I surrendered to the vision of promoting dialogue and non violence in resolving all kinds of crisis in the world. This humble beginning has however expanded into all the different aspects of peace & peace works. I am 35 years old, married to a researcher/lecturer/consultant Dr. Amos Abu Ph.D. We are blessed with children

Dr Amos Abu  (Nigeria)
Head, Training/Education Department

Peace Foundation International PFI

  • Humanity
  • Peace
  • Education
  • Human Rights
  • Development
  • Violence
  • Crisis
  • wars
  • Refugees
  • application
  • mechanisms
  • Dialogue
  • Non violence

(30min Paper Presentation, English)