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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Resistance and Partialities: the Under-employment of Marcus Garvey in the Academy

Assoc Prof Evelyn Hawthorne, Assoc Prof Patrick Goodin.

Post-colonial restitutions of Third World intellectuals into visibility not withstanding, some are parish-ized. Garvey is marginalized, though his roles as leader and social philosopher guided and transformed great numbers of humans into self-reflection.

Acknowledging the asymmetry that marks the study of the Humanities can usefully begin with recognizing our complicity; an intolerance for the unglamorizable 'other'.

Garvey is a pivotal figure in the evolution of modern black consciousness. Among inspirational leaders, he has sustained the most continuous global interest.

In this presentation Dr Patrick Goodin and Dr Evelyn Hawthorne bring a cross-disciplinary critique to examining Garvey's writings, institutionalisation and marginalisation; as well, they map a pedagogic strategy for teaching Garvey in a Humanities interdisciplinary course.

Goodin focuses on philosophical writings, while Hawthorne centers her study on the humanistic, literary and literacy discourses that constitute Garvey’s interventionist undertaking.


Assoc Prof Evelyn Hawthorne  (United States)
Director of Caribbean Studies Program
Department of English
Howard University

Dr Hawthorne is a specialist in Caribbean Literature.

Assoc Prof Patrick Goodin  (United States)
Department of Philosophy
Howard University

Dr Goodin teaches African-Caribbean Philosophy and Africana Thought.

  • Caribbean
  • Philosophical thought
  • Garvey

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)