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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

The University’s International Collaborative Role in Shaping Globalization: Texas & Croatia 2002-2004

Dr Dorothy Spektorov McClellan, Nikola Knez.

The presentation examines the process of developing multi-faceted, international collaborative partnerships between Texas A&M University and Croatian Ministries of Education, Science, Construction, Environmental Protection, and the University of Zagreb, all undertaken with the Croatian Society for Children’s Human Rights serving as liaison. The projects are designed to shape the process of international integration and globalization.
As Croatia makes its transition to a fully participatory democracy and seeks candidacy in the EU, key aspects of its educational system, scientific program, national and international role are being reviewed, reformed, redesigned. Our collaborative partnerships ease the complex process of transition. The projects being developed will be described, as well as the political processes required to establish them. The projects include: World Youth Human Rights Camps in Texas & Croatia; Isles of World Youth (with UN & UNESCO); Light, Love & Learning, a pilot project at a primary school in Zagreb; environmental protection and education related to the Adriatic and Gulf of Mexico, distance learning courses on societies in transition, social control & crime, English and nursing. All of the projects use the expertise and participation of academics and students in both countries, and have practical and research agendas.
The presentation is multi-media, incorporating film and photos, as well as words. One of the presenters is an academic, the other a filmmaker and human rights activist.


Dr Dorothy Spektorov McClellan  (Croatia)
Fulbright Fellow 2002-2004
Faculty of Philosophy
University of Zagreb

Professor of Criminal Justice, Texas A&M University-CC. Currently Fulbright Fellow at University of Zagreb in Croatia. Research areas include international justice issues, societies in transition, children’s human rights, and American prisons.

Nikola Knez  (Croatia)

Croatian Society for Children’s Human Rights

Nikola Knez is President of the Croatian Society for Children's Human Rights and the Croatian Society for Eco-Tourism. His is also a a filmmaker.

  • International partnerships
  • International collaboration
  • Human rights
  • University exchanges
  • Societies in transition
  • Democratic nation building
  • Universities and globalization

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)