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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Readings from “A Human Silicon Chip”

Nishi Chawla.

My second novel, “A Human Silicon Chip,” tries to capture the philosophical underside of the information revolution even as it traces the boom and bust of the dot com era. This is not a defining portrait of a young man caught in the gold rush of the silicon valley boom years. There is no conscious portrayal of the physical or mental characteristics of any single entrepreneur who contributed to this boom. My aim is to evoke the philosophical underpinnings of the whirlwind that arose in the decade of the nineties in the silicon valley. The excitement involved with accomplishing anything, the visceral power of human cupidity, and the distant rumble of sibling rivalry, is all that this story is about. There is no further metamessage.
I shall read thus from its opening pages: Coiffed by the fire and the blood of life is a human silicon chip. It works only, and unequivocally, on the chip of money, as I realized too late. By sea and by land, its destiny stands assured on a tectonic plate. Those who rub on it learn neither to fear an earthquake nor the roar of the ocean as it dashes against the coast. Only such a climate where vineyards that would rival and need not blush in the presence of any other, from the hills of France to the sunny slopes of Italy, could hope for such abundance in the silicon valley…..


Nishi Chawla  (United States)
Adjunct Professor of English
Department of English
University of Maryland University College

I hold a PhD with Distinction from the George Washington University, Washington, DC. I have also done a two-year post-doctoral study on "Postmodernism" at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. I was born and raised in India where I taught for more than a decade in Delhi University as an Associate Professor. My husband's World Bank posting brought me to the US some years ago.
I write and publish fiction and poetry. I have also published a book on Samuel Beckett. My first novel, "Twist of Truth," was published by Har Anand Publications in India as well as my second novel, "A Human Silicon Chip," on the silicon valley and its intersections with the New Economy. I teach various courses in Literature and in Writing at UMUC, Maryland.

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