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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Future Research Directions in Ethnic Geography

Carlos Teixeira, Lawrence Estaville.

Both Canada and the USA are known as “countries of immigrants” and their major urban areas have become gateways for newcomers from all over the world. In this context, there is a growing awareness within the academia – including in the discipline of geography – of the role and cultural importance of immigrant groups in shaping the social geography of North American cities. As a consequence, the number of courses implemented in our departments dealing with the study of immigrants/ethnic geography has increased over the last decades. The formation of the “Ethnic Geography Specialty Group” – AAG serves as an example of the growing interest in this area.

This paper will look at the state of ethnic geography in the USA and Canada today. Particular attention will be focused on “Future research directions in ethnic geography”. Information for this paper will be obtained – in part – from a panel discussion, organized by the authors of this paper, that will take place at the next Association of American Geographer meeting (March, 2004) in Philadelphia.


Carlos Teixeira  (Canada)
Assistant Professor
Department of Geography
Okanagan University College

Born in the Azores Islands.
Presently – Canadian Citizen

Lawrence Estaville  (Canada)

Southwest State University

  • Ethnic geography
  • Social geography
  • Canada
  • USA

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