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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

New Directions in Global Commercial Communication: Creative Aerobics: The Art of Ideation

Linda Conway Correll.

Today, in order to stimulate the distribution and market exchange of goods and services in the 'information society,' marketing's communicators are forced to develop and deliver persuasive commercial messages in an ever-shrinking time frame. The twenty-first century challenge is to find a cross-cultural methodology to speed up ideation for this purpose without sacrificing the creativity and humanity of our ideas. Creative Aerobics (CA) is an evolutionary multi-cultural, time-sensitive, process-driven heuristic paradigm I designed that utilizes new methodologies to generate new messages in a fraction of the time required by traditional creative approaches. CA employs semiotics, the literary and less-than-literary, and the art of engagement. By completing four mental exercises in succession that increase the flexibility of information exchange between left and right brain, CA users develop multiple approaches, strategies, markets and solutions they can utilize for the assignment at hand - fresher, more persuasive outside-the-box solutions. CA produces a customized data base for each assignment. It is flexible: any assignment can be repeated at a different time with different participants, producing a different database. Each exercise within the process creates multiple pieces of information that can be utilized in successive exercises to produce more data to work with. Additionally, by engaging in interactive group ideation to manipulate this information, CA exponentially increases the number of creative solutions. It is creativity on demand. In this process the stress and anxiety usually encountered in brainstorming exercises are replaced by laughter, relaxation and productivity


Linda Conway Correll  (United States)
Assistant Professor
College of Journalism, Department of Advertising
University of Florida

A 27-year veteran of first-tier U.S. advertising agencies, Correll is the recipient of more than 40 regional, national and international awards for her creativity. In her 13th year of university teaching, her ideation system Creative Aerobics has been presented at nine national and international conferences and widely published.

  • Persuasive Commercial Messages
  • Twenty-First Century Heuristic Paradigm
  • Creative Aerobics
  • Creativity On Demand
  • Customized Data Base
  • Four Mental Exercises

(60 min. Workshop, English)