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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

The Impact of Globalisation on Cultural Policies:: A Call for Universal Social Responsibility

Toija Cinque.

Globalisation and increased interdependence between nations presents new issues and opportunities for creative industries and cultural policies around the world. These issues are cultural, social, political, economic and environmental. Culture has increased in importance beyond the traditional arts/cultural institutions to now be encapsulated in a range of government departments and other cultural (custodial) bodies. This has much to do with creative industries being key to the growth of nations operating in the new information economy. This paper acknowledges the role for government at all levels (local, regional, national) in representing the collective interests of all citizens, including women and the young, and the need to protect and reward their creativity for the future. Incorporating cultural sociability and responsibility in differential cultural policies and partnership development is imperative to ensure human dignity. Cultural diversity does not automatically equate with harmony, however steps toward universal social responsibility or global ethics in partnerships between governments, corporations and communities will evolve the process in creative cultural policy making. Sharing a core set of values is crucial to this future.


Toija Cinque  (Australia)
Lecturer in Communications and Media Studies
Department of Communications and Media Studies School of Political and Social Inquiry Faculty of Arts
Monash University

Toija Cinque is a lecturer in Communications and Media Studies at Monash University. She also developed and delivers Communications curriculum for Open Learning Australia. For the Australia Foundation for Culture and the Humanities she completed Sustaining the Arts: Funding Policies for the Arts and Culture in Australia in which she examined the many facets of cultural funding. She recently presented a paper entitled Custodians for the Future: Media, Art and Cultural Policy in Australia at the Seventh Biennial European and Australian Studies Association Conference in Portugal.

  • Globalisation
  • Cultural Policy
  • Creative Industries
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Global Social Responsibility
  • Global Ethics

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)