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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Critical “I”: Pedagogical Power of Film in the Humanities

Shawn C. Doubiago, Proshot Kalami, Roxanne Morgan, Steven Blevins.

This is a pedagogy workshop that will address the various uses of film across multiple disciplines in the Humanities within Californian Universities. We use film in a heuristic exercise to demonstrate the influential power of film both to shape collective values and to develop critical thinking.
As our point of departure, we use the example of the recent California gubernatorial elections to illustrate the power of film in constructing the savior-image of governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger. Consequently, we conduct an exercise using films from various countries to elucidate the pedagogical qualities of film in the formation of thinkers across the humanities disciplines.
Film’s subject is the human. We use film to create a dialogue within the Humanities to recognize the dynamics of difference as well as similitude in human experience. Ultimately, the results of this workshop demonstrate the success of using film in raising consciousness within the California academic environment, and the ways in which employing film as a pedagogical tool is crucial for the future of the Humanities.


Shawn C. Doubiago  (United States)

University of California, Davis

Proshot Kalami  (United States)
Doctoral Student
Comparative Literature
University of California Davis

Roxanne Morgan  (United States)

San Fransisco State University

Steven Blevins  (United States)

University of California, Davis

  • Film
  • Pedagogy
  • Humanities

(60 min. Workshop, English)