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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

e-Humanities in a Digital Society: A Case Study

Prof. Jacque Caesar, Dr Thomas MacCalla.

"e-Humanities in a Digital Society" focuses on an online distributed, interdisciplinary approach to the role of the humanities in thinking the shape of the human future and understanding the interrelatedness of knowledge and the interdependence of people. The workshop is a dialogue on and demonstration of a longitudinal humanities course case study of "Civic Culture and Global Awareness." The anatomy of a team-taught, asynchronous e-learning course is presented. The pedagogy for engaging adult learners in reflection on the individual and collective self and active learning about complex citizenship and the requisite mindset for a sustainable future in an interdependent, pluralistic, world community is demonstrated. The overarching goal is to showcase the humanities as the interdisciplinary discipline and technology as a conveyor of critical thinking and considered opinions, and a learning enhancement tool for broadening our understanding of citizenship and community in a fragile, digital society.


Prof. Jacque Caesar  (United States)
Associate Professor
School of Arts & Sciences National University and Faculty Associate, National University Institute (NUI for Community Research & Civic Entrepreneurship
National University

Jacque Caesar, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of Math, Science and Humanities, School of Arts & Sciences, Director of Service Learning, and Faculty Associate for the National University Institute.

Dr Thomas MacCalla  (United States)

National University

  • Civic culture
  • Complex citizenship
  • Global awareness
  • Global knowledge
  • Civic engagement
  • Community building
  • Sustainable future
Person as Subject
  • Caesar, Jacque MacCalla, Thomas

(60 min. Workshop, English)