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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Beyond the Veil: Imaging the Sonnets of Women Poets of the Italian Renaissance

Prof. Carol Leotta Moore-Schulman.

I am an artist and educator with a studio and art history background, I lead critical studies seminars for students studying in art and design graduate programs. As a visual artist I write poetry and make objects in which I incorporate my writing with that of women poets of the Italian Renaissance.
I am most interested in how meaning not only transcends time, but how meaning, enhanced by the passage of time, affords us the opportunity to further explore our relationship to the meaning as we process our own human identification.
Never in the history of the Western world has any literary period, except for the modern one, so abounded in poetry written by women as the Italian Renaissance. How is it that the hundreds of books and manuscripts published by these prolific 16th century poets became largely obscured form the body of Western literature until their rediscovery in the 20th century by writers like Rainer Maria Rile?
Victoria Colonna, who numbered among her friends the most prominent scholars and writers of her age was acknowledged by Michelangelo as his "literary and spiritual guide".(3) Gaspara Stampa and her unbridled passionate style was honored by Rilke in the first of his Duino Elegies. Veronica Gambara, poet, politician, and diplomat, discoursed with Titian and Ariosto in her salons. Tulla d’Aragona, Florentine courtesan and poet was saved by ducal edict of Cosimo and Eleanora deMedici from having to wear the courtesan’s yellow veil because "she was a poet, and more famous for her intellectual gifts than for her amatory exploits". (3)
Through the art of their words transmitted via the objects I am making, we can more fully embrace the significance of their lives and art as they continue to give meaning to contemporary meaning.
I propose presenting a paper in conjunction with a slide presentation that will introduce conference participants to the poets, their work and role in Renaissance society and demonstrate the process of my research and resulting production.


Prof. Carol Leotta Moore-Schulman  (United States)
Associate Professor, Coordinator Art & Design Graduate Programs
The University of the Arts The College of Art and Design
The University of the Arts

University of the Arts Associate Professor Carol Moore teaches graduate seminars and drawing studio among other courses in the graduate programs of the College of Art and Design. Former Assistant Dean of the College, she serves as Director of the Summer MFA Programs in Ceramics, Painting , and Sculpture and Coordinator for CAD Graduate Programs, She received her BFA and MFA from the Tyler School of Art, Temple University in Design and Printmaking, with a minor in Art History. She travels extensively throughout Italy reconnecting to the threads of her ancestral heritage, researching the contributions of Italian women artists and writers to present day Mediterranean and world culture.

  • Artist/writer response to Italian Renaissance sonnets written by women
Person as Subject
  • Vittoria Colonna Gaspara Stampa

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)