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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Creating An American Success Story Through the Use of Positive Behavior Support

Antoinette M. Knecht.

Charles Horton Cooley coined the term "looking-glass self." He believed that we develop our identity not only from how we perceive ourselves, but from our impressions of how others see us. This theory contributes to a paradigm shift spreading across the education system in the United States. It is a research-based initiative referred to as "PBS," Positive Behavior Support. It focuses on behavior from a systems perspective with emphasis on the problem-solving model. Educators are to be proactive as opposed to reactive in dealing with inappropriate behaviors.
Teachers document and assess the inappropriate behaviors of students from a needs-based perspective. This process creates a different perception of the motive behind the behavior. PBS requires the teaching of appropriate behaviors through the use of discipline, and empirically based intervention strategies appropriate to the child's needs and developmental stage. The end result is earned self-esteem, a positive identity and academic achievement for the student. The proposed paper will discuss the role of "PBS" in our culture and participants will be involved in creating their own "PBS" Action Plan for success.


Antoinette M. Knecht  (United States)
Regional Consultant

Northwest Ohio Special Education Regional Resource Center

Antoinette M. Knecht is currently a Behavioral Specialist with the Northwest Ohio Special Education Regional Resource Center. Her area of specialty is that of Positive Behavior Support. She frequently teaches a variety of seminars dealing with behavior from childhood through adolescence. She is also past chairperson of the Department of Social Work at Lourdes College, Sylvania, Ohio, and was an honoree of the outstanding award for service to social work in Northwest Ohio. She is a licensed practitioner and has also served as a psycho-therapist in private practice.

  • Positive Behavior Support
  • Looking Glass Self

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)