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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Teaching Diversity Using the Visual Arts

Dr Jennie Congleton.

The presenter has developed a practical method and resource materials, which make it easy for humanities professors in a variety of disciplines to use discussion of visual art artifacts (such as photographs, paintings, sculptures, and films) to learn about diversity. Our students generally possess some sophistication at decoding visual images, such as advertisements, movies, and magazine layouts. The presenter's framework builds on students' prior learning, and provides them with conceptual tools for in-depth discussion of diversity issues, such as gender identities, race, disability, and class. The presenter will demonstrate how the power of images can be used to help students combine cerebral and affective knowledge acquisition, thus enhancing diversity understanding. Teaching modules include discussion questions that help learners understand art as a form of voice and identity. During this interactive workshop, participants will receive the pedagogical framework, including discussion questions, worksheets, and inventories of images they can use in their classes.


Dr Jennie Congleton  (United States)
Associate Professor of Fine Arts
Fine Arts Department
College Misericordia

Recent research has centered on a study of musical iconography in the frescoes of Vecchietta in Siena, Italy. I have also developed teaching modules enabling humanities professors to teach diversity concepts in topics such as gender and race, using the visual arts, and have received national recognition for this work. I have toured nationally and internationally as an ensemble player and soloist on viola and baroque violin, and written, produced, and narrated four half-hour programs on the elements of music for National Public Radio, entitled “From Sound to Music.”

  • Diversity education in the humanities
  • Teaching diversity using art

(60 min. Workshop, English)