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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Sustaining the Human, Sustaining the Natural: The Problem of the Plurality of Knowledges

Dr Richard M. Ilgner.

Since the scientific narrative is the main narrative of the emerging global culture, what is not expressible in it becomes of tantamount importance in sustaining the human and natural. If an interdisciplinary and egalitarian dialogue is not established between the main stream narrative and other non mathematically based knowledges, the technological applications of the scientific paradigm will not reflect the insights into human nature represented by those other knowledges, and thereby increase the power of the main stream narrative and its influence on the mind set of all global citizens in a way that will be increasingly destructive to humans and their optimal environments. The humanities, especially the arts, have always represented another way of knowing in all cultures, a way that gives us insight into our nature like no other epistemology can do. Thus the humanities must be equally represented in the public domain, the universities and schools, and the financial granting agencies.


Dr Richard M. Ilgner  (Canada)
Head, German and Russian
Faculty of Arts
Memorial University

  • The Insufficiency of the Dominant Narrative

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)