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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Dimensions of Identity: Student Perspectives on the Social Practices of Transnational Education

Dr Anne Chapman, Dr David Pyvis.

This paper highlights the complexities surrounding the social practices involved in being a transnational higher degree student and the ways in which these practices contribute to the formation of student identity. It reports research in progress aimed at understanding how higher degree students experience studying for a degree delivered ‘offshore’ by an Australian university. In particular, it presents the findings of two interpretive case studies, one of a masters degree course delivered in Singapore and another of a doctoral dissertation programme delivered in Hong Kong. The line of inquiry concerns questions about the ontology of the students: how they understand the dynamics of their particular educational context and their sense of themselves as students in relation to the communities to which they belong. This ongoing research contributes to an emerging research agenda focusing on the impact of economic globalism on higher education from the viewpoint of students.


Dr Anne Chapman  (Australia)
Senior Lecturer in Education
Graduate School of Education Faculty of Education
The University of Western Australia

Anne Chapman teaches in the areas of pedagogy, qualitative inquiry and social semiotics in education. Research interests include social practices in education and the formation of student identity.

Dr David Pyvis  (Australia)

Curtin University of Technology

David Pyvis teaches in the areas of media, society and culture, and social science research methods. Current research interests include transnational education and student identity.

  • Student identity
  • Transnational education
  • Economic globalism and education
  • Higher education

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)