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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Media Life Among Gen Zeds: Media Usage Among Students in an Arabic/Islamic Country

Tim N. Walters, Lynne M. Walters, Stephen Quinn.

The “Gen Zeds” of the title are female Emirati students in their early twenties at Zayed University who oscillate between the traditional Islamic culture of their families and that which they experience through the media This paper looks at the when, where, and how they use media and what they are looking for when as they use it. Among the findings are that these women live a highly mediated existence, spending more than 9.9 hours on average a day with the media – more time than the do sleeping. They spend as much time on the Internet as they do in the combined activities of reading magazines, newspapers and books. They spend twice as much time on the Internet as they do watching television. Different media were used during different parts of the day and for different reasons. The Internet and the telephone were the two most preferred media.


Tim N. Walters  (United Arab Emirates)
Assistant Professor
College of Communication and Media Sciences
Zayed University

Lynne M. Walters  (United States)

Texas A&M University

Stephen Quinn  (United States)

Ball State University

  • Media
  • Usage
  • Islamic
  • Arab
  • Patterns

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)